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Who is ODG-KOM?

"My job is to listen, identify and visually create your reality!"

Odeline Leroy

Odeline Leroy

Manager & Artistic Director

With a background in Applied Arts, and specialised in the art of visual design, I can help you with the identity and media that will be necessary to enhance your corporate image.

Identifying your needs and values to create designs that meet your objectives, and translating the raison d'être of each entrepreneur into an image are real strengths. I offer my creativity to companies like yours, in order to develop an impactful, memorable and unique visual identity.

" The brand for a company is what a person's reputation is. Jeff Bezos.


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 "Curiosity about life in all its aspects is,
I think, the secret of great creativity. 

Leo Burnet


3 references with feminine, colourful and cheerful tones!

Olympe de Gouges

ODG, acronym of Olympe De Gouge. In reference to this woman of letters, considered as one of the pioneers of French feminism, who wrote a Declaration of Women's Rights (18th century). It is the inspiration of a free and assumed woman! 

"The Nanas by NIKI de St-Phalle

Shapes inspired by Niki De Saint Phalle's "Nanas" - late 1960s - a Franco-American artist whose sculptures recall a modern woman by their name. Here, the curvature of the ODG-KOM logo evokes the curves of these sculptures with their feminine silhouettes, and their colours reflect the colourful, joyful and optimistic character of our founder.

Fuse ODG

And do you know the music group "FUSE ODG"? Afro Dance style, a music that can only give you a crazy desire to sway! Discover this artist of Anglo-Ghanaian origin. A music that inevitably gives you a smile!

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