Before asking a communication agency to create a graphic universe, you need to know what you want. This is not always so simple. It implies asking yourself some fundamental questions... did you do it right?

If you have a business or want to start one, you have drawn up a business plan and it is in your interest to take care in briefing your communication service providers so that you get the right tools to match your ambitions.

ODG-KOM Studio explains it all!


What is a good briefing? 

The starting point for a quality service

Communication tools and strategy go hand in hand. Perhaps you're one of those entrepreneurs who realized this "late in the game", having spent a lot of energy on the core of the project, without dwelling on what seemed secondary.

Can you really expect to achieve your objectives and a return on investment without developing a communication strategy?

Setting up a website is the final step in any viable project. The one that will make you known to your audience and perpetuate the hours of work accomplished.

Saving time and money

Too many professionals contact a communication agency to order communication tools without having a clear idea of their own strategy. Logically, an agency that positions itself on low prices will obviously not ask questions about the objective of the project it is asked to undertake and will be satisfied with a basic service whose relevance will not have been studied. This risky approach is ultimately an unnecessary expense and a waste of time.

As a first step, you need to give your service provider an outline of your company's strategy. In short, thecommunication agency must know who you are (history, values, etc.) and where you want to go. If the request is precise, you increase your chances of obtaining the ideal result without making numerous changes.

Discussing your expectations: the key to success

At ODG Kom Studio, the services we provide are not the result of chance, we put meaning at the heart of each project. What we call "briefing" is very simple: is to provide us with all the essential elements for the creation of tools. The briefing will be optimized!

As a first step, we submit a questionnaire to you which allows us to obtain this essential information. On your side, this can be an excellent basis to refine your project before coming back to us for the rest of the production.

During a meeting (by phone, video or over a cup of coffee) we discuss the essential points of the specifications. This allows us to better understand your needs and to help you define them if necessary. The way you talk about it, the key words that come to mind or the associations of ideas that you make are important in order to transcribe your DNA into the right graphic and editorial universe.