The difference between a mini-graphic charter and a complete charter

Every day, the thousands of visuals shared on the net and networks confirm the important impact that image has on each of us. The brand strategies are increasingly worked. ODG KOM Studio offers a tool that complements the classic graphic charter: the mini graphic charter. We will explain the differences between these two charts.


1 - The graphic charter guarantees a homogeneous visual identity

The graphic charter is the ABC of communication on the aesthetic level.

A charter, from the Latin chartula, means "little writing". In the field of communication, this document is the "dress code" that defines the personality of the company: it establishes the codes and customs, determines the visual elements that carry the values of the brand: the agency chooses these graphic orientations with its client during a briefing.a quality briefing.

The charter is therefore created in line with the objectives of the communication plan, to guarantee a coherent and clear image. Through this visual homogeneity guaranteed by the charter, brands seek to control their image and to be quickly identified by their public. The more your company grows, the more the graphic charter becomes central since you must clearly distinguish yourself from the competition and confirm your credibility.

2 - What does a complete charter contain?

It declines, on several pages, the visual of the various communication supports chosen: the website, brochures, business cards, communication tools and stationery in general. The creative choices are explained. For the creation of a complete charter, it is necessary to count approximately 35 hours of work including the reflection, the creation and the time to make all the simulations on the various supports.

It includes:

  • A mood-board. This trend board is the basic tool of any graphic designer. It is optional.
  • the logo and its declination according to the supports
  • the color code used: this is the colorimetry
  • primary and secondary typography
  • recurring icons, pictograms and drawings
  • The rules of insertion of the logo, with its "protection zones" to be respected
  • The declension of visual elements on social networks


3 - What is the purpose of a mini-graphic map?

ODG KOM Studio offers a complementary working tool: a mini-graphic map.

This first sketch of the brand's identity fits on one page and summarizes the visual choices, outlines what will be the identity defined and acted upon later. It includes the colors and the global spirit that we want to create on the main visual elements. Proposing this mini-chart to the client is a first step towards the creation of an identity which will be specified by the complete graphic charter. Thanks to this mini-chart, the client and the provider are sure to go in the right direction before going further into the details of the graphic creation. The creation of the mini-chart takes a certain amount of time, since it is about 20 hours of work that are devoted to it .